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Session 10 - The Possibility of Artificial Consciousness

Published: at 06:00 PM

In this session, Gaspard Fougea (ENS Saclay) will discuss current scientific models of consciousness and their implication for the possibility of artificial consciousness.


Date and Time: Thursday, 15th of February 2024 - 7pm
Location: Salle de réunion, Rez-de-chaussée, Pavillon Jardin 001, Institut Jean Nicod, Department of Cognitive Studies, Ecole Normale Supérieure, 29 rue d’Ulm, 75005.
How to get there: The public entrance is located in the Physics department, at 24 rue Lhomond. Once you’re at the gate, press the middle button to call the guardian of the frontdesk. When you’re in, ask the guardian for directions on how to get to Pavillon Jardin.